"Each client is unique and requires an individual approach. Guided by this philosophy, our specialists develop intelligent and 100% efficient multidisciplinary programs in preclinical drug research and safety evaluation"

Serge Richard (CEO)





QT shift and probabilistic method: powerful approaches for detection of QT prolongation in a most reliable manner.

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TDPscreen: in silico modeling for prediction of torsadogenic profiles

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Founded in 1973, CERB has developed to a leading international contract research organization (CRO) in the fields of preclinical pharmacology and toxicology. Taking on the challenges of modern drug development CERB has created its distinctive image of a major service provider to the pharmaceutical industry in the context of innovative biomedical research.

Our toxicology department has also proven to be a valuable partner to other branches, such as chemical and agro-chemical industries, in the field of regulatory safety assessment.


For the pharmaceutical industry, CERB takes advantage of its sophisticated synergy between pharmacology and toxicology resources to provide complete pre-phase I packages for a new molecule in an economic and timely manner. Having developed/validated more than 200 models and techniques in pharmacology and toxicology we take on any challenge of specialized approaches fitting the requirements of your compound. A fully equipped chemical analysis unit assures back-up support for drug quantification in chemical or biological matrices as well as biomarker verification.

Our main assets are:


  • high quality of scientific and administrative performance
  • continuous innovation through targeted scientific input
  • a network of independent, internationally renowned experts and cooperations
  • the dedication to provide custom-made answers
  • reactivity and flexibility


Last publications:

2018 Behav brain Res "Relevance of electroencephalogram assessment in amyloid and tau pathology in rat"

2018 Br J Pharmacol "High-frequency autonomic modulation: a new model for analysis of autonomic cardiac control"

2016 Br J Pharmacol "The high frequency relationship: implications for torsadogenic hERG blockers"

2015 Br J Pharmacol "Short term variability in QT interval and ventricular arrhythmias are dependent on high frequency autonomic oscillations"

2014 J Pharmacol Toxicol Methods "Preclinical QT safety assessment: Cross-species comparisons and human translation from an industry consortium"

2013 J Pharmacol Methods "Power spectral analysis of heart rate variability in cynomolgus monkeys in safety pharmacology studies: Comparative study with beagle dogs"